Volvo and Microsoft Team Up to Bring Amazing Technology to Dealerships

Volvo is not a technology-driven company. It is a people-driven company.

When technology emerges that could make people's lives simpler, or safer, Volvo is always one of the first to adopt it.

Such is the case with the new Microsoft HoloLens.

It may seem like a cool toy for a "hacker." Something out of a 90's sci-fi movie.

Volvo, however, sees the real-world potential.

The HoloLens integrates high-definition 3D holograms into the physical world. You can use it to get an up-close and personal look at a vehicle, without actually needing the physical vehicle.

In cold, rainy weather like we've been having, you can already see an advantage to not needing to go outside on the lot.

There is more to gain than just comfort, however.

The HoloLens allows the user to strip away body panels from the car, and play with the skeleton. You can easily swipe through color options, and see safety features in action that you might never-- if you are lucky-- need to use.

Volvo is also looking at ways to streamline the manufacturing and development process using the HoloLens.

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