What Volvo is Doing About the California Drought

Volvo may not have technology to make it rain, but this automaker is taking a strong stance on water conservation in California.

Wet El Nino weather has recently caused some long-needed precipitation, but it will take more than a few storms to replenish depleted reservoirs after the Golden State's four-year drought.

To help conserve water, Volvo dealerships in the state have been #DrivingDirty.

People come first in Volvo's philosophy, and having a supply of fresh water matters to everybody. Volvo is even willing to sacrifice the appearance of new vehicles toward this goal, by washing inventory less often.

For customers who still want their vehicle's Swedish design to shine though, without wasting gallons of water on a car wash, Volvo has a solution. It's called Consciously Clean, a waterless car wash product.

Though we may not have a drought in Somerville, NJ, Bridgewater Volvo is proud to know that Volvo takes environmental concerns seriously.

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