Volvo Shares Direction Of Compact 40 Series in Sweden

Volvo has been in the process of repositioning and retooling its lineup for the last several years, starting with its flagship offerings. Since 2014, an all-new XC90, V90, and S90 have all debuted, underpinned by the brand's recently-developed Scalable Product Architecture. Now, the rest of the lineup is getting their taste, starting with the compact 40 series.

Prototypes foretelling these new designs were shown off late last month in Sweden, and gives us some pretty winning insight into what's in store. Unlike the flagships, the 40 series will use a smaller version of the platform, called Compact Modular Architecture. What sets these apart is that it was built with EV and hybrid functionality from day one, while incorporating scalability components such as extended wheelbases, and more.

We'll keep you abreast of all of our upcoming models by way of our blog. To kick off your car buying process, our Volvo dealership in Somerville, NJ is on hand to get the ball rolling. Contact us at your convenience.

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