Explore How Volvo Is Working To Keep Their Drivers Safe

Volvo is making it their mission to make driving fun, easier, and safer. They have a vision where no one is killed or injured seriously in a new Volvo by 2020. Today, Volvo’s IntelliSafe technologies help support drivers on the road with features that help prevent accidents and protecting all on board if one occurs. Let’s take a look at two of these features.

Driver Alert Control – Late night driving has you drowsy or inattentive? The Driver Alert Control system will alert you once it senses swerving and will prompt you to take a break. As an extra sense of protection, the Rest Stop Guidance function can tell you where it’s safe to stop.

Active High Beam Control – Get a better view when driving at night with the Active High Beam Control. This feature allows you to drive with your high beams on all the time, without disturbing oncoming vehicles. This features will detect oncoming vehicles and will automatically shade the part of the high beam that would block their vision.

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