Volvo XC60 Service & Recommended Maintenance in Bridgewater NJ

Expert Service for Your Volvo XC60 in Hillsborough, NJ

The turbocharged performance and refined ride of your Volvo XC60 make it a joy to drive every day. With expert Volvo service at Volvo Cars Bridgewater, you can make sure that it stays that way by taking care of the key maintenance items that are important for every Volvo XC60 owner to consider. From routine oil changes to parts replacements and more, we can help you take care of your Volvo luxury SUV to ensure it remains your favorite way to get around Bridgewater and Somerville.

Key Volvo XC60 Services

Like any vehicle, the Volvo XC60 has maintenance needs that will better help ensure a quality driving experience for the long term. Keep up with these services and your Volvo XC60 should run like a top, providing you with a luxurious and safe driving experience for years to come.

Oil Changes

While oil changes are critical to the long-term reliability of any vehicle, in a model like the Volvo XC60 an oil change is even more important. Because your engine is turbocharged, there are more moving parts to keep lubricated and higher internal engine pressures due to the turbocharged airflow. Without on-time oil changes, this can mean excessive internal heat and wear that will damage your engine and reduce performance over time.

Tire Alignments & More

With any all-wheel drive vehicle, alignment services are important to maintaining the overall health of your vehicle suspension. With an alignment at the hands of our expert Volvo technicians near Flemington, you'll notice better handling, improved tire wear, and a more predictable driving experience.

Brake Service

As a large, heavy SUV, your brakes have a lot of work to do to get you slowed down in time to avoid hazards. Keep up with brake inspections, brake pad replacements, and brake fluid changes to maintain consistent stopping power on command.

Air Filter

Your engine needs air to breathe, and that's especially true of turbocharged engines like what you'll find in the Volvo XC60. Your engine air filter does well to keep debris from entering your engine, but it will become clogged with time and reduce airflow, which inhibits performance and fuel efficiency. Having your air filter replaced yearly ensures proper air intake for improved performance and a more efficient fuel burn.

Coolant Flush

Much like your engine oil, your coolant has a lot of work to do inside your turbocharged engine. Ensuring that your coolant hasn't degraded and is at the proper level is key to driving your Volvo XC60 with confidence, especially as you get ready for longer summer road trips.


Q: How often should a Volvo XC60 be serviced?

A: Your Volvo XC60 should be serviced once every six months, if not more frequently. Your driving habits, mileage, and type of traffic will dictate how often you should make the trip from Warren NJ to our Bridgewater dealership.

Q: What kind of oil does a Volvo XC60 use?

A: The Volvo XC60 uses 5W-40 full synthetic motor oil. This oil provides the proper cold-start viscosity while maintaining lubrication at high temperatures for the best protection for your engine at every phase. Full-synthetic oil better stands up to the higher heat of turbocharged engines, ensuring long-term protection for your engine on even the hottest days.

Q: When do I Get the brakes service son the Volvo XC60?

A: You should have your Volvo XC60 brakes inspected at least once per year. Your driving habits will dictate how often you need new brake pads, rotors, and other wear items. However, having your brakes inspected annually ensures you stay ahead of potential issues before they arise.

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